Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another month, another quilt I want to finish.

I started this quilt last February and it's spent a lot of time folded up, waiting for the next step. I'm finally happy with the size, and I've got the batting and backing all tacked together, so the goal this month is to quilt and bind it. I'm going to try free motion quilting on it. My first attempt on an actual quilt. I've done some little practice pieces before, and this one right before starting on the quilt:

 You can click on these to see the quilting better..

Here's the whole quilt piled up around my elderly Pfaff, who I've taken to calling Fraulein Gerta since I got a newer Pfaff. Sadly, the new Pfaff, while a very nice machine so far, isn't the greatest with the free motion quilting. She has some tension issues.

Gerta free motions like a champ. She's a sweet running machine.


  1. I like your color choices in this project. You are so brave to jump right into FMQ with your first quilt and I like your practice loop de loops best. Good luck to you on your adventure. I am looking forward to seeing it finished maybe at the next DCMQG meeting?

    1. Maybe finished. I've had problems with my neck and shoulders and haven't been feeling like wrestling a quilt lately. Hopefully that'll clear up soon.

  2. Love that quilt and can't wait to see it finished!