Wednesday, March 28, 2012

another ridiculous amount of time has no doubt passed

I don't know why I keep this blog, but I do like sharing my photos with folks.
I participated in a pin cushion swap with the local modern quilt guild. I got a very cute pin cushion from my partner. That one there ---->
Tomorrow, I will put my pin cushion for her in the mail. (that one down below) As most of you know, I'm not all that good at sewing. I have boundless enthusiasm for it, but I make a lot of mistakes and I don't always feel like fixing them, or doing stuff over. My buddy's pin cushion is my third try. And the bottom of it, is the second try on this particular pin cushion.
So, I hope she loves it, and forgives its imperfections. I think it's darn cute.


  1. Wahoo ... glad you're back ...wondering where you'd been ... love your pincushion! Quilting is for the soul ... who cares if its perfect!

  2. It took me three tries to do this exact pincushion for a swap!