Tuesday, May 1, 2012

swap fever

 Apparently I'm in some sort of swap mode. I just sent off these two potholders for one swap. I've committed to making 10 blocks for another, and then today I signed up to make 55 (yes, I know, I've lost it) little signature blocks. My sister asked me if I really wanted a signature quilt.
  I don't know. It seemed like a fun idea at the time. This after I promised myself I wouldn't do any more swaps because they stress me out. Me and my fun hobby here. ;)
 Here's the back of the potholders I sent out. The little hang tags look like a kindergartner sewed them on, but otherwise I think they turned out well.

1 comment:

  1. Hi stranger! I love these potholders and your quilting is really, really cute on them! I seem to remember seeing an email from you about quilting on a quilt, but I can't remember what you asked, and I've apparently deleted the email. I'm so sorry ... I am just a ditz lately. Please reask your question! Keep on swapping girl!!