Tuesday, August 28, 2012

haha, look what I found. ;)

Mostly I have a bunch of projects I'm trying to get motivated to finish up. I've got the pink diamonds with string pieced browns/grays/purples around them, that quilt, here with me to try to get the back sewn and at least get it basted. I would really like to get some quilting done on it as well. I'm house-sitting at my brother's and taking care of my beauty-cat Sarah. AND I lugged my vintage Pfaff here especially to do some quilting and that sucker is heavy, let me tell you. So I'll be sort of disappointed if I don't end up doing any quilting with it. I have many other things I'm working on. I have a quilt top finished for 100 Quilts for Kids that I need to sew the back on and quilt. I have my flowers quilt that I need to finish piecing. I've got the sewn together signature blocks that it would be fun to figure out something to make with. I think someone suggested a cover for my sewing machine, which would be a great idea.
So, with nothing going on, I am updating because recently I entered two blocks into a contest for the Modern Quilt Guild. Now don't get excited, I didn't win or anything.
.....................and there was more, but I put it in the last post.

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