Monday, October 28, 2013

The bag frenzy continues…

I did a little photo shoot with my little wristlets this afternoon. The sun was pretty bright. I had been hoping for a little more overcast sky, but this will do to get the impression of how they look. Which is darn cute, right? :)

I visited Eastern Market this morning to see what kind of vendors there are and if anyone was selling things similar to mine. I did meet one woman who had about a million little zippered bags in bright, modern fabrics. She very sweetly allowed me to pick her brain, a little. She’s been selling there for 10 years I believe she said. Her set-up was very simple, boxes of zippered bags. Nothing very large. Her bags were cute but they all had black zippers without the finishing details of mine and none of them were quilted like mine.  Nobody was selling larger bags quite like mine. There were many inexpensive imported bags. Some I was even tempted to purchase, but I remained strong. I was strictly there for research. So, here’s what I learned. I do believe this would be a good place to attempt to sell my bags. There is plenty of competition, but nothing that’s too directly similar. Here’s the big take-away though: I need to make about a million more bags in order to show there. What I have could be wiped out in a brisk morning of selling. Other thoughts: I should investigate selling in shops and galleries if I want to sell this year before Christmas, I doubt much is available in terms of craft fairs and shows that I could still get into. The application for Eastern Market is due on Friday. Luckily I do have some time available this week on Tuesday to do daytime stuff, while I’m getting my crown fixed. (don’t ask, it makes me grrrrrrrrrrrrr)
Here are photos of some of some of my other bags that I’m getting ready to list on Etsy. If anyone visits the shop and has feedback, please let me know. I’m still very much in the phase of market research. I want to price my stuff appropriately, take appealing pictures, and use helpful descriptions. If you see something and you think it’s under- or over-priced, please let me know. If you want more details that I’ve omitted, ditto. If you think I need more photos or more detailed photos of certain features, I welcome your input.

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  1. Lady, where were all these bags at show and tell time last weekend? I didn't know you were selling handmade goods! I definitely want to hear more about Eastern Market next time!